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Credit Analyst Program Focus: Banking, Risk, Investment and Credit Management

Brickwork Finance Academy

Brickwork Finance Academy is a non-profit organization. Brickwork Finance Academy Brickwork Finance Academy Credit Analyst intends to develop global leaders who appreciate the Art of Finance. The Certificate Course is offered by Brickwork Finance Academy, recognised by SEBI registered & RBI Accredited Credit Rating Agency, Brickwork Ratings. The course covers vital areas in Finance namely, Credit Management, Investment Management and Risk Management.

Brickwork Finance Academy believes that Finance is not just science but also an Art. Every student must study the theory; understand the quantitative methods. Yet, to succeed everyone must appreciate nuances in the Art of Finance. The art can be developed only by observing real world, studying and analysing real world cases both domestically and internationally. Our mission is to make this happen in a short span of 4 months.

Important Dates

Classes Begin:
July 2022
Classes End:
Nov 2022
Final Assessment:
Nov 2022
Our Program in 8 Cities

Disclaimer: *Seats in respective locations subject to availibility

Why Choose this Program?
  • Reach higher level of analytical rigor, understanding of equity and fixed income.
  • Obtain knowledge on Indian bank lending and mastery of credit and risk analysis
  • Interact with Brickwork Ratings' analysts
  • Add finance certification on your resume for better placements