Think CSR? Think of us.

The Company's Act, 2013 has mandated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for all firms. As per the Act, companies can engage a registered non-profit organization to implement their CSR activities.

Brickwork Finance Academy is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangalore. Brickwork’s primary vision is to promote financial literacy in India.

As a partner, Brickwork can support your CSR initiatives through financial literacy programs which have a high degree of societal impact and can meet any organization's CSR expectations.

CSR Donations to BFA are TAX FREE u/s 80G


Be the center of excellence for Global Financial Literacy, and focus on developing professionals in appreciating the Art of Finance.


Conceive real world financial knowledge, develop intellectual capital and deliver training programs across various age groups and spread financial literacy across the globe.

Financial Literacy as CSR

Financial Literacy

Managing money is an essential social skill. Increased awareness and adoption of financial knowhow is a must in today’s economy. People across all age groups should be equipped with knowledge and skills to manage their money. Knowledge of finance is important in creating financial freedom and stability. An individual can take informed decisions and foresee a stable financial future.

In a democratic society like ours, where diversity rules across states and people with varied income levels and age groups, financial literacy is unequally distributed across the population, especially, women and children. Enlightening the society with relevant functional knowledge has its own gains; individuals learn how to build wealth, plan retirement, understand financial plans, manage expenses, develop capabilities in managing challenges of debt and understand inflation, interest and financial risks.

Since financial literacy is low across various demographic groups in India, there is a genuine need to rigorously explore ways to overcome the financial strain due to lack of knowledge and replace financial weakness with financial strength.

The population below poverty line must be educated on how to manage and grow their hard earned money, and take advantage of government schemes like Jan Dhan. Even well-educated families have to be insulated from being lured into joining unscrupulous chit funds and investment schemes promising high returns. It also empowers them with knowledge on how to invest in fixed deposits, mutual funds, ULIPs, apply for loans from banks and non-banking financial institutions and understand public policy and local governance.

Basic financial literacy is crucial for every age groups - school and college students, young professionals, housewives, experienced professionals, senior citizens etc. When they are equipped with basic financial decision making skills, it enables them to actively participate and involve with the nation’s economy. Small and Medium Enterprises also need to understand on how to approach banks, non-banking institutions for working capital, term loans and know import/export facilities.

CSR is Now Mandatory

The Indian Government's new Company's Act 2013, has made Corporate Social Responsibility mandatory for all Indian enterprises, both large and small.


  • CSR is mandatory for companies with revenues over Rs 1000 Cr, net worth over Rs 500 Cr and PAT above Rs 5 Cr.

  • A minimum of 2% of average net profits of previous three years must be spent on CSR activities.

  • Companies can either implement the activities on their own, or engage with an independently registered non-profit organization having a record of at least three years in a similar space. It can either collaborate with its own non-profit organizations or pool their resources with other companies.

  • CSR Schemes benefitting own employees exclusively will not be counted.


Brickwork Finance Academy is a registered non-profit organization. Its primary vision is to promote financial literacy in India. As a partner, Brickwork can support your CSR initiatives through distinctive, holistic financial literacy programs which have a high degree of societal impact and meet stakeholder expectations.

The programs are tuned to the Indian context and endow the participant with actionable financial knowledge and provide a balanced view of spending, investments, and saving. The objective of the programs is to have a comprehensive view of the diverse financial needs of the individual across different age groups. The program outcomes can have a predictable impact on the society, making it seamlessly fit into any organization's CSR framework.

To institutionalize financial literacy across various sections of the population, Brickwork Finance Academy has devised and developed various programs for Schools, Higher Educational Institutions, Women,Young Professionals, Small & Medium Enterprises and Senior Citizens. These programs can be delivered in English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi and most Indian languages.

Engaging with us to meet CSR goals:

Brickwork is committed to bring in meaningful support and focus to an organization's CSR activities. The sponsor organization can identify the financial literacy program it wants to execute through us. Brickwork in turn, would give the organization, the program objectives and details, a roadmap on how the program would be executed, the target groups on which the sponsor investment would be utilized and the respective outcomes from the program. Brickwork will take complete ownership & governance, including planning and execution of the programs, pan India.

Parameters monitored by Brickwork for partnership success:

  • Responsible utilization of sponsor investment.
  • Effective program promotion for wider reach.
  • Ensure program success through high participant rates.
  • Interactive, objective driven, learner centric trainings.
  • Establish program efficacy through participant assessment.
  • Evaluate overall program performance and impact.

Key Highlights of Brickwork's Financial Literacy Programs

  • Build good financial habits for better financial discipline.

  • Inculcate a saving's culture to reduce vulnerability during a financial crisis.

  • Prepare for financial emergencies by enhancing forecasting abilities.

  • Insulate one from dubious finance companies and products.

  • Leverage the power of financial knowledge to hasten attainment of material goals.

  • Take informed decisions on financial investments.

  • Be an empowered customer while dealing with financial institutions.

  • Develop exceptional social skills in managing money and financial future.

Financial Awareness for
School Students

Target Audience: High School Students.

Program Intent: Introduce the concepts of money & expenses; highlight the importance of thrift and to highlight different modes of savings and investments.

Program Content:

  • Good Money Habits
  • Savings and Investments
  • Understanding Insurance
  • How to budget income and expenses?
  • Luxury, Wants, Needs and Charity
  • Markets – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • Life Cycle Investing
  • Your Money – Your Future
  • How to finance college education?
  • Scholarships in higher education
School Student

Finance for
College Students

Target Audience: Pre-university students, Engineering, Science, Arts, Commerce, Business Management or any student studying for graduation.

Program Intent: Help students understand basic financial knowledge and how it works in real world.

Program Content:

  • Financial Fitness
  • How to Prosper
  • Money Matters
  • The Bond of Debt Markets
  • Life Cycle Investing
  • Money and Wealth
  • FLY (Financial Literacy for Youth)- an aid to building careers in finance
  • Financial Markets – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Financial Mix Match– An Understanding of Mutual Funds
  • How to get health insurance?
College Student

Finance and
Careers for Youth

Target Audience: Employed and Unemployed Youth and Working Professionals.

Program Intent: Provide youth valuable inputs in shaping careers and enhance employability, build competencies that can enable the youth build successful careers in the domain of finance.

Program Content:

  • Understanding Stock Markets
  • Preparing a Financial Plan
  • Understanding the Financial Statements
  • Plan your first car
  • Have your dream home
  • Retirement Planning
  • Educating your Daughters
  • Health for Family
  • Insurance for Family
  • Career switches - strategies
College Student

FinancE for
Small and Medium Enterprises

Target Audience: Directors and Employees of SME's.

Program Intent: Enable Subject Matter Experts optimize costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Program Content:

  • Managing Working Capital Costs
  • Buyers Credit – Advantages and Disadvantages Supply Chain Management – Enhancing Vendor Effectiveness
  • Forex Hedging
  • Understanding Letters of Credit
  • Vendor Quality Management
  • How to get bank loans?
  • How to list in SME Stock exchange?
  • How to approach a Venture Fund?
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Pension Funds
  • Health Insurance for Employees

Finance for
Women's Empowerment

Target Audience: Small Scale woman entrepreneurs and Working Women in the unorganized sector.

Program Intent: Make women financially independent, and empower them with the nuisances of finance.

Program Content:

  • Understanding Bank Accounts
  • Understanding Stock Markets
  • Preparing a Financial Plan (How to budget?)
  • Retirement Planning
  • Property rights for women
  • Stree Dhan - Financial Management
  • Educating your Daughters
  • Health for Family
  • Insurance for Family
  • Finance tips for divorce plans

Financial Knowhow
for SeniorS

Target Audience: Retired individuals & Aged Adults.

Program Intent: Provide a platform for retired individuals and the aged to sensitize or upgrade their skills in knowing finance leading to contentment and self-sufficiency.

Program Content:

  • Stock Market Pitfalls
  • Preparing a Financial Plan
  • Reading Financial Statements
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • The Wisdom of Wealth
  • Write your Will
  • Health Insurance
  • Pension Funds
  • Provident Funds/NPS

Learning Materials

  • All participants will be provided with learning materials. The learning materials & certification will have sponsor organization name along with the logo of Brickwork Finance Academy.


  • For large scale sponsorships, Brickwork Finance Academy can undertake media planning, advertisements in print and social media, and functions addressed by local dignitaries and executives of sponsor firms.

Financial Literacy Test (FLT)

  • Brickwork Finance Academy administers a test for those who have successfully completed the program. Such candidates will be informed of their scores and certificates will be offered. The certificates will have Brickwork Finance Academy and sponsor company logo.


  • Every participant is entitled for a certification. Each certificate will bear the logo and name of the sponsor organization.

Financial Literacy, Brickwork
and People Empowerment

As a reputed training organization in financial literacy space, Brickwork is pro-active and committed in developing and delivering financial training which would engage and empower participants with knowledge they can use in daily life.

The organization's philosophy is to spread financial knowledge, demonstrate community care, be responsible towards society and showcase impactful results. Brickwork's key brand attribute is excellence through empowerment. This is truly reflected in its training programs which is focused in delivering premium value to empower people across income lines and ensure excellence through improved financial awareness.


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