Brickwork Finance Academy

Brickwork Certified Credit Analyst Programme

Internship Programme - Curriculum

This 1+4 month Programme is designed with a modular structure by unbundling the curriculum into foundational and advanced courses in the credit rating industry. Candidates gain exposure while working along with Rating Analysts in their 4-month internship period. At the end of the course, successful candidates will get placed into Brickwork Group with competitive pay.

Foundation (1st Month)

  • Introduction to Credit Rating
  • Elements of Accountancy and Book keeping
  • Business Organization and methods
  • Introduction to Commercial Banking
  • Commercial Law
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Types of Credit Facilities
  • Project Loans
  • Working Capital Appraisal
  • Monitoring of Credit facilities by Banks
  • Risk weighing and Capital requirements of Banks / Rating Migration
  • Lending to Special Sectors
  • Security Receipts & Ratings
  • Securities Market

Advanced classes (Next 4 Months)

Managerial Economics

Micro & Macro economic theories along with their implications in Managerial decision

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Advance concepts of accounting required by Finance professionals

Corporate Finance

Fundamental concepts of Value and Return, Risk and Return relationships and Valuation of shares and bonds

Commercial Banking

Fundamentals of commercial banking in India and their performance evaluation

Credit Management in Banks & NBFCs

Understanding credit function in Banks and NBFCs from business strategies to policies, products, processes, appraisal and monitoring aspects.

Functioning of Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs)

Theoretical and practical aspects of credit rating of large corporates

Public Finance

Overview of government finances including Central and State governments, Municipalities and other Urban local bodies

Indian Financial Markets & Investment Environment

Understanding the functioning of Banking & Non-banking financial institutions, Markets & Intermediaries for short term and long term financial services

Fixed Income Securities

Fixed income products, Analytics and Portfolio Management strategies

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Processes of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management encompassing "Risk and Return"

Overview of Risk Management and general techniques in Risk Management

Understanding risks, Identification, Measurement, Mitigation and Managing risks in financial institutions

Risk Management in Banks

Overview of Basel guidelines and approaches to capital management in financial institutions. Operational Risk management

Risk Management in Insurance Companies

Risk management in Pension funds, General and Life insurance companies; Risk transfer methods

Risk Management in Mutual Funds

Evaluation & Risk management of Mutual Funds and schemes/portfolios.


  • Case studies
  • Presentation to Committees
  • Mock Client Calls
  • Audit Observation
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of Credit Rating Process

*Assignments and Tests will be conducted every week