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Brickwork Finance Academy Offers a Session on ‘Export- Import Finance’ by an Experienced Banker

Brickwork Finance Academy will be conducting a session on Export- Import Finance, at its campus on Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, on Saturday, December 22, 2012 between 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Trade financing shares a number of common characteristics with the traditional value chain activities conducted by all firms. All companies must search out suppliers for the many goods and services required as inputs for their own goods production or service provision processes. Issues to consider in this process include the capability of suppliers to produce the product to adequate specifications, deliver said products in a timely fashion, and to work on product enhancements and continuous process improvement. All of the above must also be at an acceptable price and payment terms.

Very often, the buyer and seller are located in different countries and the geographical divide adds to the complexity of transactions between them.

The nature of the relationship between the exporter and the importer is critical to understanding the methods for import-export financing utilized in industry. Obtaining finance for the procurement of material for manufacture of goods and services can strain working capital cash flows of organizations. By using Import-Export financing solutions offered by banks, an organization can free its’ working capital for other purposes. Import- Export financing solutions provide greater flexibility in managing working capital working capital.

The session on export- import financing, will discuss various facets of export-import transactions, their financing, the regulations involved and various financial instruments and intermediaries operating in the market to facilitate these transactions.

About Professor K C Holla
K C Holla is currently Vice-President, Brickwork Ratings. He graduated from Bhandarkar’s College, Coondapur, in 1970 and completed CAIIB while working for a public sector bank. He attained the Cadre of Assistant General Manager with a renowned Indian Bank. He has had a successful career in the banking sector spanning over 36 years. Sharing knowledge and training people are his hobbies and the areas of his interest and passion are Forex, General Banking & Factoring.

About Brickwork Finance Academy
Brickwork Finance Academy (BFA), a non-profit organization, offers nine-month, weekend, Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Finance, for graduates, post graduates and working professionals looking for an enriching career in finance. The course is also open for bright students wishing to add finance certification on their resume.

The program is intended for candidates aspiring for careers in domestic and international BFSI sector. Those already in the outsourcing industry can undergo this Program to change their career to finance or develop client facing skills via advanced finance domain expertise. The program also prepares candidates for jobs in the Indian commercial banks, investment banks, mutual funds, insurance companies and more.

The certificate course offered by Banking and Financial Analyst covers vital areas in finance namely, Credit Management, Investment Management and Risk Management, with specific reference to the Indian and International financial markets. The faculty for the program is highly experienced industry experts, practitioners and academicians with hands on experience in the financial sector.

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For participation, you are requested to kindly mail a small brief about yourself along with your contact details to by December 21, 2012, or please call Raghavendra @ +91 80 4040 9950 / +91 97434 37999 or Arti @91 97434 37888

Attendance to the session is strictly by invitation only.

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