Brickwork Finance Academy

Training Programs

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Subject Topics Covered Under No. of Hours
Excel in Financial Modeling Session 1- Introduction to Financial Modelling 6 hrs.
Session 2- Exploring Excel
Session 3- Analysis of Data
Session 4- Case Study
Stressed Asset Management Session 1- Insane Recognition And Asset Classification, Norms, Corporate Debt Restructuring  / BIFR 6 hrs.
Session 2- Recovery Through. Litigation SARFAESI Act
Session 3- Asset Reconstruction Process
Session 4- Security Receipts Rating, Nursing, CODISIL
Understanding Corporate Finance Session 1- TVM, COC, Capital Budgeting, Capital Structure 6 hrs.
Session 2- Term Loan Assessment
Session 3- Ratio Analysis
Session 4- Case Study
Ratio Analysis for Corporate Session 1- Introduction to Financial Statement 6 hrs.
Session 2- Key Financial Ratios and their Interpretation
Session 3- Assignment
Session 4- Break-even Analysis
Finance for Non Financials Session 1- Introduction 6 hrs.
Session 2- Financial Reports
Session 3- Interpreting Financial Statements
Session 4- Evaluating Performance Of Organization
Equity Research Session 1- Fundamental Analysis 3 hrs.
Session 2- Accelerating Value Creation, Valuation basics, Life after the Deal
Finance for Life Session 1- Life Cycle Investments 3 hrs.
Session 2- Stocks or Bonds
How to prepare for a Bank Loan Session 1- Introduction to Standard Bank Loan Process 3 hrs.
Session 2- Loan Process for SMEs
Session 3- Legal and Security Documentation
Session 4- Question & Answer
Understanding FOREX Session 1- Forex Market 6 hrs.
Session 2- Export / Import Finance
Session 3- Letter of Export & UCP Guidelines
Session 4- E C B
Working capital Management Session 1- Working Capital Cycle 6 hrs.
Session 2- Assessment Of Working Capital Limits
Session 3- Working Capital Heads Of Manufacturing & Non-Manufacturing Companies
Session 4-Export - Import Finance

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